Constructing The OR Function

Inverting the output of a NOR gate (with another NOR gate connected as an inverter) results in
the OR function. The NAND gate, on the other hand, requires inversion of all inputs to mimic the
OR function, just as we needed to invert all inputs of a NOR gate to obtain the AND function.
Remember that inversion of all inputs to a gate results in changing that gate's essential function
from AND to OR (or visa-versa), plus an inverted output. Thus, with all inputs inverted, a NAND
behaves as an OR, a NOR behaves as an AND, an AND behaves as a NOR, and an OR behaves as
a NAND. In Boolean algebra, this transformation is referred to as DeMorgan's Theorem, covered in
more detail in a later chapter of this book.

Constructing the OR function

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