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100 Watt Power Supply For Power Amplifier

Proposed power supply for amplifier 100W v-mosfet [ 1 ] is what appears in the above form. It has separated supply for the various stages of supply, stage for power, stage for control, supply for preamplifier and for stage of protection. Whoever wants it can suppress departments or add a power supply for each channel, separating completely the channels between them. For whoever it does not use the circuit of preamplifier and protection can suppress proportional coil..

Out Voltages For Power Supply

Part List

C1....4=15000uF 100V
C15=33nF 630V
S1= 2X2 switch 250V/10A
C5-8=2200uF 25V
BR1=Bridge 250V 25A
C6-9=100nF 100V
BR2=Bridge 250V 3A


/2X43V AC - 250VA
/2X15V AC - 20VA
/2X46V AC - 40VA

100watt power supply amplifier vmosfet 7A338.gif


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