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TDA2005 2x 7 Watt Amplifier

This is a stereo IC, so that you can make a stereo amp with a single IC. The amp is internally DC-biased and the amplification is also set internally. Don't even try to set a different amplification, it's no use. There are also schematics of bridged amps with this IC, but I think it's a fraud - the distortion grows one decimal order higher. Bridging the amp is only any use when you're limited to a certain power supply voltage (e.g., batteries). At a constant PSU voltage, the bridge-tied version delivers theoretically up to four times the power of the "single-ended" version.

TDA2005 2x 7 watt amplifier

Now the above information about the internal DC biasing a and amplification are based on the recommended schematic. A couple of people have complained, that the IC didn't work for them in this schematic. Weird, but possible. I remember that I did use the TDA 2005 once, a long time ago, and at that time I didn't have the recommended schematic, I only had the pin meanings - so I connected the IC as a plain twin OA and it worked fine...

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