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LM3886 60 Watt Amplifier

This is one of the stronger amps. It supports stand-by and mute modes. The schematic is rather complicated, because there are some additional devices in the feedback and there are filters both on the input and on the output.

LM3886 60 Watt Amplifier schematic

On the manufacturer´s website, you can find an appnote, describing a parallel/bridge topology for quadruple output power. The appnote contains two alternative topologies: the first one is simple, the second one contains output DC error correction using a servo feedback. The funny thing is, there´s not just a single servo per channel - there are four of them, one for each power IC (probably to prevent high rail-to-rail idle current - to prevent the power IC´s from struggling with each other). Feel free to have your own opinion about the result - in my opinion it´s absurd poetry. If the goal was higher output power, then certainly it could be achieved in a formally and operationally cleaner way, and perhaps with less complexity.

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