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LA47536 High Power Car Audio Amplifier

This audio amplifier circuit is based on LA47536 audio amplifier integrated circuit designed by Sanyo . This audio amplifier circuit is specially designed for car audio power amplifiers and . LA47536 audio amplifier IC has four output channels  and is capable to provide a maximum output power of 45 watts on each channel on a 4 ohms load with 10% THD .

The LA47536 includes almost all the functions required for car audio use, including a standby switch,  muting function, and various  protections (output pin-to-VCC short , output pin-to-GND short ,load short , over voltage , thermal shut down circuit ). It also provides a self-diagnosis function (output offset detection).
Also the LA47536 audio amplifier IC has a voltage gain of 32 dB and a self-diagnosis function that detects the output offset . For powering this car audio amplifier circuit you will need a 14. 4 volts DC , or you can use the car battery ( if you will use it for car ) .

Using a 12 volts Dc power supply , the output power will be a little low , but the distortion ( THD ) will be very low .

LA47536 car amplifier 5B135

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