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TDA2008 12W AUDIO AMPLIFIER (Vs = 22V, RL =4Ω)

tda2008 dip 88z.jpg

The TDA2008 is a mololithic class B audio power amplifier in Pentawatt package designed for drivinglowimpedenceloads(down to 3.2Ω).

The divice provides a high output current capability(up to 3A), very low harmonic and crossover distortion.

In addition, the device offers the following features:
– very lownumber of external components;
– assembly ease, due to Pentawatt  power packagewith no electrical insulations re-quirements;
– space and cost saving;
– high reliability;
– flexibility in use;
– thermal protection.

Pinout Connection Diagram

tda2008 pin function diagram z18.jpg

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