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One Chip AM/FM Radio with Audio Power Amplifier

De s c r i p t ion
The integrated circuit TDA1083 includes, with exception
of the FM front end, a complete AM-/FM-radio-circuit
with audio power amplifier. An internal Z-diode
stabilizes the supply voltage at VS  13 V, which allows
with the aid of a resistor and a rectifier, the circuit to be
driven by a higher external supply voltage.
 Large supply voltage range VS = 3 to 12 V
 High AM-Sensitivity
 Limiting threshold voltage Vi = 50 V
 Audio output power P0 = 0.7 W
 AFC-connection for VHF-tuner
 AM-FM switching without high frequency voltages
 AM-/FM- and audio-amplifier

Dip Package 

tda1083 dip df6.jpg

Pinout Connection Diagram

tda1083 pinout diagram 151.jpg

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