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2 x 12 W hi-fi audio power amplifier

De s c r i p t ion:

The TDA1521/TDA1521Q is a dual hi-fi audio power amplifier encapsulated in a 9-lead plastic power package.
The device is especially designed for mains fed applications (e.g. stereo tv sound and stereo radio).

pin Fucntions Diagram

Pin 1: −INV1 non-inverting input 1
Pin 2:  INV1  inverting input 1
Pin 3:  GND   ground (symmetrical)  1⁄2 VP (asymmetrical)
Pin 4:  OUT1  output 1

Pin 5:  −VP   negative supply (symmetrical)  ground (asymmetrical)
Pin 6:  OUT2 output 2
Pin 7:  +VP  positive supply
Pin 8:  INV2  inverting input 2
Pin 9: −INV2 non-inverting input 2

tda1521 pinout diagram f99.jpg

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