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7447 BCD to 7-segment display driver

7447 BCD to 7-segment display ddriver


The appropriate outputs a-g become low to display the BCD (binary coded decimal) number supplied on inputs A-D. The 7447 has open collector outputs a-g which can sink up to 40mA. The 7-segment display segments must be connected between +Vs and the outputs with a resistor in series (330 ohm with a 5V supply). A common anode display is required.

Display test and blank input are active-low so they should be high for normal operation. When display test is low all the display segments should light (showing number 8).

If the blank input is low the display will be blank when the count input is zero (0000). This can be used to blank leading zeros when there are several display digits driven by a chain of counters. To achieve this blank output should be connected to blank input of the next display down the chain (the next most significant digit).

The 7447 is intended for BCD (binary coded decimal) which is input values 0 to 9 (0000 to 1001 in binary). Inputs from 10 to 15 (1010 to 1111 in binary) will light odd display segments but will do no harm.

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