Absolute Max. Parameters

Maximum means that the op-amp can safely tolerate the maximum ratings as given in the data section of such op-amp without the possibility of destroying it. The µA741 is a high performance  operational amplifier with high open loop gain, internal compensation, high common mode range and exceptional temperature stability. The µA741 is short-circuit protected and allows for nulling of the offset voltage. The µA741 is Manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductor.

Supply Voltage (+/-Vs): The maximum voltage (positive and negative) that can be safely used to feed the op-amp.
Dissipation (Pd): The maximum power the op-amp is able to dissipate, by specified ambient temperature (500mW @ 80° C).
Differential Input Voltage (Vid): This is the maximum voltage that can be applied across the + and - inputs.
Input Voltage (Vicm): The maximum input voltage that can be simultaneously applied between both input and ground also referred to as the common-mode voltage. In general, the maximum voltage is equal to the supply voltage.
Operating Temperature (Ta): This is the ambient temperature range for which the op-amp will operate within the manufacutre´s specifications. Note that the military grade version (µA741)has a wider temperature range than the commercial, or hobbyist, grade version (µA741C).
Output Short-Circuit Duration: This is the amount of time that an op-amp´s ouput can be short-circuited to either supply voltage.

Summed-up Features:* Internal Frequency Compensation
* Short Circuit Protection
* Offset voltage null capability
* Excellent temperature stability
* High input voltage range
* NO latch-up

Input Parameters:
1. Input Offset Voltage (Voi)
This is the voltage that must be applied to one of the input pins to give a zero output voltage. Remember, for an ideal op-amp, output offset voltage is zero!
2. Input Bias Current (Ib)
This is the average of the currents flowing into both inputs. Ideally, the two input bias currents are equal.
3. Input Offset Current (Ios)
This is the difference of the two input bias currents when the output voltage is zero.
4. Input Voltage Range (Vcm)
The range of the common-mode input voltage (i.e. the voltage common to both inputs and ground).
5. Input Resistance (Zi)
The resistance ´looking-in´ at either input with the remaining input grounded.

Supply Voltages   -18 V , + 18 V
İnternal Power Dissipation  500mW
Differantial İnput Voltage  + - 30 Volt
input Voltage  + - 15 Volt
Voltage Offset Null / V -  + - 0,5 Volt
Operating Temperature Range  0o C  to + 70 o C
Storage Temperature Range  -65o C  to + 150 o C
Lead Temperature, Solder, 60 Sec  300o C
Output Short Circuit  indefinite

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