OPAMP - Differential Amplifier


The differential amplifier amplifies the difference between two input signals (-) and (+).
differential opamp
introduction  of a capacitor into te input path of an opamp leads to time  differentiation of the input signal.  the circuit given below represents the simplest inverting differentiator involving an OP-AMP.
as such, the circuit finds limited practicqal use, since hight frequency noise can present a derivative of comarable  magnitude to that of the signal. in practise, high-pass filtering is utilized to reduce the noise effects.
Find an expression  for the output of the inverting  differentiator Of the figure given above, if the basic Op Amp is ideal.
since the op amp is ideal, Vd @ 0 , and  the inverting  terminal s a virtual ground. consequenttly, Vs appears Accross capacitor C.

But the Capacitor  current is also the current through R ( iin=0) .


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