In electronic circuits Copper, Aluminum materials are known as conductors, which are having negligible resistance. Other materials like paper, ceramic are known as insulators which are having very high resistance. Other materials like carbon with certain value of resistance are used to manufacture resistor. The value of resistance varies from very low to very high value, almost from the value of conductor to insulator. The value of resistanee is measured in ohms (Ω). Resistance is the opposition to the flow of electrons or simply opposition to the electric current. Resistance is required in electronic circuits to limit the current, to drop the voltage and to divide the voltage. In combination with capacitor it is used as filter or it can be used to achieve the time constant and so on. Hence resistor is one of the important component you can observe, in any particular circuit. Usually there are more number of resistors than any other type of components used in circuit.

Active Component:

The device can be used for amplification, rectification or change of energy from one to another.
Example: Transistor, Diode.
For example LED converts electrical energy into light energy.

Passive Components:

The device can be used to complete a circuit with voltage and current sources and
active components.
Example: Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, and Transformer.

What are passive components?
These components are called passive because they by themselves are not capable of amplifying or processing an electrical signal. However these components are as important as aetive components (e.g. transistor). Without the aid of these components a transistor cannot be made to amplify signals.

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