Metal Film Resistors


    Metal film resistors are used when a higher tolerance (more accurate value) is needed. They are much more accurate in value than carbon film resistors. They have about ±0.05% tolerance. They have about ±0.05% tolerance. I don´t use any high tolerance resistors in my circuits. Resistors that are about ±1% are more than sufficient. Ni-Cr (Nichrome) seems to be used for the material of resistor. The metal film resistor is used for bridge circuits, filter circuits, and low-noise analog signal circuits.

From the top of the photograph
1/8W (tolerance ±1%)
1/4W (tolerance ±1%)
1W (tolerance ±5%)
2W (tolerance ±5%)
Rough size
Rating power
1/8 2 3
1/4 2 6
1 3.5 12
2 5 15

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