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Varying in proportion to the sine of an angle or time function. AC voltage in which the instantaneous value is equal to the sine of the phase angle times the peak value.

Abbreviation for "single in-line package."

skin effect
Tendancy of high-frequency (rf) currents to flow near the surface layer of a conductor.

slew rate
The maximum rate at which the output voltage of an op-amp can change.

slide switch
Switch having a sliding button, bar or knob.

slow acting relay
Slow operating relay that when energized may not pull up the armature for several seconds.

slow-blow fuse
Fust that can withstand a heavy current (up to ten times its rated value) for a small period of time before it opens.

snap switch
Switch containing a spring under tension or compression that causes the contacts to come together suddenly when activated.

Abbreviation for "signal to noise ratio."

soft magnetic material
Ferromagnetic material that is easily demagnetized.

Program of instructions that directs the operation of a computer.

solar cell
Photovoltaic cell that converts light into electric energy. Especially useful as a power source for space vehicles.

Metallic alloy used to join two metal surfaces.

Process of joining two metallic surfaces to make an electrical contact by melting solder (usually tin and lead) across them.

soldering iron
Tool with an internal heating element used to heat surfaces being soldered to the point where the solder becomes molten.

An air core coil. Equipped with a movable iron core the solenoid will produce motion. As a result of current through the coil the iron core is pulled into the center of the winding. When the coil is deenergized, a spring pulls the movable core away from the center of the winding. Machanical devices connected to the movable core are made to move as a result of current through the coil. Example: Electric door locks on some automobiles.

solid conductor
Conductor having a single solid wire instead of strands of fine wire twisted together.

solid state
Pertaining to circuits where signals pass through solid semiconductor material such as transistors and diodes as opposed to vacuum tubes where signals pass through a vacuum.

Acronym for "sound navigation and ranging." A system using reflected sound waves to determine the position of some target.

Pertaining to sound.
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