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A prefix used to indicate an imaginary number. (Operator j)

Socket or connector into which a plug may be inserted.

Abbreviation for "Junction field effect transistor".

The unit of work and energy.

Contact or connection between two or more wires or cables. The area where the p-type material and n-type material meet in a semiconductor.

junction diode
diode. A semiconductor diode in which the rectifying characteristics occur at a junction between the n-type and p-type semiconductor materials.

Metric prefix for 1000. (103)

1000 volts at 1 ampere.

1000 watts for 1 hour.

kilowatt-hour meter
A meter used by electric utility companies to measure the amount of electric power used by a customer.

kinetic energy
Energy associated with motion.

Kirchhoff"s current law
The sum of the currents flowing into a point in a circuit is equal to the sum of the currents flowing out of that same point.

Kirchhoff"s voltage law
The algebraic sum of the voltage drops in a closed path circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of the source voltages applied.

knee voltage
The voltage at which a curve joins two relatively straight portions of a characteristic curve. For a PN junction diode, the point in the forward operating region of the characteristic curve where conduction starts to increase rapidly. For a zener diode, the term is often used in reference to the zener voltage rating.

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