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Increase in voltage, current and/or power. Gain is expressed as a ratio of amplifier output value to the corresponding amplifier input value.

gain bandwidth product
A device parameter that indicates the maximum possible product of gain and bandwidth. The gain bandwidth product of a device is equal to the unity gain frequency (funity) of the device.

gamma rays
High frequency electromagnetic radiation from radio active particles.

Mechanical coupling of two or more capacitors, switches, potentiometers, or any other adjustable components so that adjusting one control will operate all.

Any aeriform or completely elastic fluid which is not a solid or a liquid. Gasses are produced by heating a liquid beyond its boiling point.

geiger counter
Device used to detect nuclear particles.

Device used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Metric prefix for 1 billion (109).

An intentional or accidental conducting path between an electrical system or circuit and the earth or some conducting body acting in place of the earth. A ground is often used as the common wiring point or reference in a circuit.

gunn diode
A semiconductor diode that utilizes the Gunn effect to produce microwave frequency oscillation or to amplify a microwave frequency signal.

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