555 Astable Operation

Creating Basic Astable multivibrator with 555timer IC

The basic astable oscilator can be designed by fallowing schema

Creating basic astable cOscilator ircuit diagram with 555 timer IC

t1=0,693 * (R1+R2). C1

t1=0,693 * (R2). C1
Frequency=1,44 / ((R1+2R2).C1 )
for the circuit trigger itself each timing cycle, the 2nd  and 6th pins are connected, there by functioning as an oscillator.
C1 Discharges Through R2 and charges through R1 and R2.
The-Charge on C1 Ranges from 1/3 Vcc to 2/3 Vcc.
555 timer astablkle frequency diagram
T he Oscillation frequency is independent of Vcc.

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