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TDA2050 32W Audio Power Amplifier

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The TDA2050 is a Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier IC from ST Microelectronics with a maximum output power of 32W. It has a high operating voltage of 50V compared to the other TDAxxxx series amplifier ICS. It commonly used in class-AB audio amplifier and can drive upto 50W music power into a 4 ohm speaker.

 Pin Configuration

Pin Number

Pin Name

De s c r i p t ion


Non – Inverting Input

Non inverting end (+) of Amplifier


Inverting Input

Inverting end (-) of Amplifier



Connect to the ground of the circuit



This pin outputs the amplified signal


Supply Voltage

Supply voltage, Minimum 6V and Maximum 36V



  • Low-frequency class AB amplifier most suited for audio amplification
  • Can provide up to 50 Watts as output power
  • Operating Voltage: -25V to +25V
  • Output: 28Watts with 4Ω speaker
  • Voltage Gain: 80dB
  • Supply Voltage rejection: 45dB
  • Short circuit and thermal protection is available
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Available in 5-pin TO220 package

Alternative to TDA2050: TDA2030

Introduction to TDA2003

TDA2050 is a general-purpose 32W amplifier IC that can be used in stereo or mono audio design circuits. The amplifier can output upto 5A current to drive speakers without any damage. It can also handle short circuits in both AC and DC rail without killing itself. It has an operating voltage of ±25V allowing it to operate in both single and dual supply voltages. This makes it robust to be used in automotive audio designs.

The TDA2050 is breadboard friendly and hence can be easily tested using a breadboard. A sample application circuit for TDA2050 is given below.

2 94f


TDA2050 is a 5-pin Amplifier IC. The pin 5 and 3 are used to power the Amplifier IC, and the audio signal to be amplified is given in through pin 1 which is the non-inverting input. The amplified audio output can be obtained through pin 4. The values of the components given above are the values recommended by manufactures. Note that this IC has currently become obsolete and is no longer in production, though you can find few clones being sold in the market by different manufacturers. For new designs the replacement ICs like LM1875 from Texas Instruments.



  • Used for Audio signal Amplification
  • Suitable for high power amplification
  • Capable of operating on dual/split power supply
  • Can be used to cascade audio speakers


2-D Model (PDIP)

3 76e

4 9f6

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