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Rf Amplifier Low Frequency Using Bc547

amplificador de rf usando bc547 9ez

Tips for using the RF amplifier

The RF amplifier described herein may be used for both transmission and a step of receiving, That makes him a very eclectic and multipurpose circuit. He is able to cover both of frequency bands as MF HF.

Mean Frequencies or MF, refers to radio frequencies in the range 300 kHz até 3 MHz and a film where the 1 Km a 100 m. Part of this band is the medium wave AM radio commercial (MW). The high frequency, High Frequency ou HF, will the 3 MHz to 30 MHz with a wavelength of 10 a 100 meters.

This amplifier presented here is capable of amplifying radio signals in the following ranges, MW, onda tropical ( 80 m) of 3200 kHz a 3400 kHz, onda tropical (60 m) 4750 kHz 5060 kHz, a banda de 49 m of vai 5900 khz a 6200 kHz e a banda de 31 m of vai 9400 kHz a 9900 kHz. Not to mention the amateur radio bands.

Of course this is just a simple circuit, you can not expect big gains, yet, due to the low cost of components, worth its assembly test in character and learning. This scheme was published in the electronics site(.with) without the written.

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