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Joule´s Law

Joule’s Law of Heating
The heat that is generated because of the current flow in an electric wire is described in Joules. The mathematical expression of Joule’s law is as explained below.

Joule’s first law
The joule’s first law shows the relationship between heat produced by a flowing electric current through a conductor.

Q = I2 R T


Q indicates the amount of heat
I show electric current
R is the amount of electric resistance in the conductor
T denotes time

-The amount of generated heat is proportional to wire’s electrical resistance when the current in the circuit and the flow of current is not changed.
-The amount of generated heat in a conductor carrying current is proportional to the square of the current flow through the circuit when the electrical resistance and current supply is constant.
-The amount of heat produced because of the current flow is proportional to the time of flow when the resistance and current flow is kept constant

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